We are collaborated with the esteemed Finn Cosmo Care which is a leading outlet in the Ayurvedic and cosmetic manufacturing industry. The company comes up with the rich ideology for providing quality oriented products, when it comes to offering the latest trends and utilizing advanced yet pristine herbs.

Founded in 2009, FINN has been Central India's top provider of skin & haircare products. We operate in 12,000 sq.ft area located at Hyderabad, Telangana, equipped with most advanced, fully automatic sophisticated machineries that can handle small and large scale production.

One major advantage is that the Private label products require a low range of minimum initial order, which can be a great way to procure a wide range of private label beauty products. It empowers you to start your own line at a relatively low investment whenever the demand is created in the industry. There is no doubt when it comes to the quality delivered by us, thus all natural beauty product outputs add credibility to your growing business as these are endorsed under your company name and services.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities offer clients the option to have their own formulations which can be produced within our facilities entailing labelling and packaging process. Hence, you can overcome all the inventory setup costs and the most valuable time is saved. We also offer innovative private label for all your skin & hair care products and provide a vast synergic ideas of Gift-set as well as Kit Assembly options.